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A Pharma bin is commonly used in the oral solid dosage department for transferring, storing, and mixing solid material. They allow easy handling of solid material across various processes and equipment.


A Pharma bin is a metallic container that stores, transfers, and mixes pharmaceutical material. The bin containing the material can be directly attached to the processing equipment without transferring the powder from the bin. This allows transferring the material directly to the machine hopper for further processing. It also enables processing of the material inside, without transferring the powder from the bin, such as in the blender case.

It is commonly used in the oral solid dosage department for handling solid powder between and during different manufacturing processes. They come in various shapes, such as square, round, and conical.

Design features of pharma bin

The pharma bin is designed to provide good powder flow and contamination control. Let’s look at some design features for the pharma bin.

Material characteristics

The pharma bin is made up of stainless steel. The product contact parts are made-up of S316L, while non-product contact parts are made-up of SS304. The internal surface is mirror polished so that it should remain smooth. The entire surface of the pharma bin must be free from dead points to prevent the holding of any solid or liquid material during the production and cleaning process. Welding must be the orbital type to prevent roughness outside and inside the joint.


Their construction should allow easy followability and should prevent any formation of lumps in any area. The material should be easily transferred by means of gravity and vacuum from the pharma bin, which is achieved by a suitable inclination degree, i.e. 50⁰ – 60⁰.

Charge and Discharge

An opening at the top, typically hatch style, can be sealed when closed. This is used for filling and charging the pharma bin. A mechanical assembly can also provide the opening for automated transfer.

Discharging is performed on the bottom side through a valve open when material needs to be discharged. Other than that, it remains closed. Depending upon the requirements, the discharge port can be fitted with a manual well and automatic butterfly valve.

Manual valve

Manuel valve requires human involvement to open or close and cannot be operated automatically. It consists of an extended lever for manual operation, which personnel uses to open or close.


Butterfly valve

Butterfly valves are quarter–turn valves and consist of a disk. The disk is connected to an automatic actuating mechanism controlled through a leading or programmable logic controller. The disk is installed in a way that it faces the powder. In this condition, the powder flow is blocked by the disc.

In the open condition, the disc does not come in the way of powder flow, as the valve’s flat surface faces sideways. This position provides free passage to the material and powder flows.


The trolley moves the pharma bin from one place or machine to another location or device. The trolley is fixed with a wheel for easy movement throughout the area. Handles are also installed on the trolley for ease of operation.

Applications of pharma bin

Let’s look at some typical applications of pharma bin and see how it is used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Applications of pharma bin

Blending Process

The material from the raw material department is directly dispensed into the pharma bin, which is directly attached to the blender. The blender rotates the pharma bin without transferring the material into any other container, and the blending process is completed in the same compartment. After blending, the same pharma bin detaches from the blender and is transferred to the following equipment or department for further processing.

Tablet Press

A Pharma bin system can also transfer the solid material into the hopper of the tablet press machine. The Pharma bin can either be directly connected to the feeding system of the tablet press by a hose, or it can be placed above the hopper through the pharma lifter. The bin remains in this position until the tableting process has been completed.

Blister packing machine

The tablet from the tablet press machine can be directly collected in the pharma bin, during the tableting process. When the container is filled to a sufficient level, the pharma bin is transferred to the blister packing machine for packaging operation. The bin can be placed above the hopper or connected to the hopper through a material transfer system without any intermediate container.

Advantages of pharma bin

Let’s look at some advantages of the farmer in the system

 Fewer containers for larger batch sizes

Fewer bins can be used for a given batch size than traditional drums. Additionally, a larger batch can be easily managed by the pharma bin because the capacity of the Pharma bin can be easily customized according to the product requirement. This reduces the number of containers, especially for larger batches.

Less manual operations

Pharm a bin reduces the manual operations associated with traditional drums. Pharma bin eliminates the need for manual material transfer, the only available option for drums. It also reduces connection/disconnection processes of parts such as drum cover and associated piping for material transfer.

Reduced Cleaning

Pharma bin requires less cleaning as compared to drums. The surface of the pharma bin facilitates less contamination. It blocks any formation of powder lumps because pharma bins have shiny and smooth surfaces, reducing contamination and foreign body accumulation.

The pharma bin’s surface also has fewer dead points, preventing built-up liquid or solid particles.

Fast process

Pharma bin allows manufacturers to use a continuous process without requiring intermediate transfer, manual operations and time-consuming cleaning activities. This helps to complete the production process quickly, in a timely manner, and at the exact location without wasting precious time.

Quality compliance

Pharma bins contain material transfer methods between different processes, equipment and departments. As a result, the pharma bin reduces the risk of human, environmental and other contamination and increases in quality of the process and product. Similarly, the tablet or product is subject to scooping, proofing, or hard-hitting in a traditional drum system. This phenomenon can affect the tablet’s physical appearance.

Pharma bin eliminates above mentioned processes and hence results in enhanced quality compliance.

Safe operation

Pharma bins are easy to operate and can be easily charged and discharged. This eliminates manual movement and lifting, eventually making the bin safe to use.




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