Surface finish pharma facility

Surface finish is critical in ensuring product safety. It is implemented by different equipment characteristics

Stainless Steel

Most important characteristics It can withstand reaction with different chemicals It is excellent corrosion resistant


SS316 is the types of stainless steel developed for pharmaceutical industry A variant of SS316, called SS316L is becoming common and preferred.

Surface Roughness

It is the variation in height of metallic surface Rough surface facilitates, bacterial or microbial growth


For pharmaceutical application, surface roughness should be less than 0.8

Orbital  Welding

For pharmaceutical industry, orbital welding is approved type

Orbital  Welding

It uses a rotating weld head around the welding point. The rotating head, produce consistent welding from insude and outside

Orbital  Welding

thereby , minimizing dead points and ensure smooth surface

Dead points

Dead points are isolated points, that can trap any substance The trap substance facilitates microbial growth and contamiantion

L/D <2

Length to diameter ration (L/D) should be less than 0